Little Paul Waggoner: Released From Prison In Haiti


Port-au-Prince, Haiti (December 29, 2010)-United States aid worker Paul Waggoner has been released from Haiti’s National Penitentiary.  Waggoner’s nonprofit corporation, Materials Management Relief Corps (MMRC), is ecstatic to report that Waggoner is being transported to a safe location where he will receive immediate medical attention.

Waggoner spent 18  harrowing days incarcerated in Haiti, accused of kidnapping a child despite undeniable evidence that the child in question had died at Haitian Community Hospital last February.   The child’s death certificate confirmed this information.  A board-certified, American physician signed an affidavit stating that the child in question died and the father viewed the body.  The doctor’s affidavit also acknowledged that the father declined to take the child’s body as he did not have the resources to bury it, instead allowing the hospital to dispose of the body.

No charges were brought against Waggoner – who is known as Little Paul or LP – even though he was held in the notoriously dangerous penitentiary for two weeks.  His co-founder of MMRC is Paul Sebring, known as Big Paul or BP.

“LP and I cannot thank everyone enough for going through this hell with us, and making LP’s voice heard to the masses, fighting to clear his name and now we are so glad it is finally over,” said Sebring. “This has been a tremendously difficult time for MMRC but it is not the end of us.  We will continue to help those that cannot help themselves.  I will not leave LP’s side until he has made a full recovery from his time in the Haitian National Penitentiary.”

The conditions in Haiti’s National Penitentiary are horrific.  According to a Pulitzer Center report, as many as 67 inmates are crowded into 20-by-20 foot cells without plumbing in lockdown conditions.   Diseases, like tuberculosis and AIDS, are rife in the prison. Haiti is also currently battling a cholera epidemic, a disease which can be deadly if not treated promptly.

“I could have continued working in Haiti and would’ve been happy,” said Waggoner. “It saddens me that MMRC’s mission has to be put on the back burner here and hurts me to the core that the kids we aided in the orphanages must feel abandoned. I love Haiti and fear this incident will stop many aid workers from coming to help. Please don’t punish the Haitian people. I pray one day that they will be blessed with the life every human on earth deserves.”

American businessman Jack Aronson, founder of Garden Fresh Gourmet, a $90-million fresh salsa and chip company, worked alongside Waggoner in Haiti in early November.

“There is no better way to ring in the new year than to see Little Paul walk free,” Aronson said.  ”The passion he has shown in his tireless efforts to help the impoverished people and orphaned children of Haiti continues to be a shining example of selflessness and courage.”

MMRC, the organization’s supporters and Waggoner’s family express heartfelt gratitude to the legions of people worldwide who helped secure Waggoner’s release.

For more information about Waggoner’s continuing story and MMRC’s mission, visit the nonprofit’s website at

  • Bridget Anne Mulrooney

    LP!!! We all LOVE you! Welcome OUT !!

  • Suzi LeVeaux

    HALLELUJAH! Sending constant love, prayers & total support for LP and the whole MMRC gang!

  • Seanna

    So glad today finally came…FREEDOM!!! go love some kids they are waiting for you xo


    Your release is a long awaited answer to many prayers! We love you LP and cannot wait to see you and here the stories from the inside. Please kiss the children at Kola for us! Get some rest and eat something, you are way too skinny!!!!! LOL Love Dave and Kelly

  • Joann Regan Irwin RN

    Its a good day…..welcome back LP

  • Cyndi

    Congratulatons LP on your release. I hope to return to Haiti at some point to help in some way. I am glad that you are willing to continue your efforts. Blessings to you and your partner BP you are doing a great job.

  • Leesa aka viequesbound

    I could not be happier if he were my own son!! Please keep up the work there, dont let this deter your dreams of staying in Haiti and helping the Haitian people!! God Bless all of you and the wonderful work you do!!

  • michael marzullo

    thank you to all the people that were instrumental in getting my nephew out of the national prison
    friends are strangers i have’nt met yet God Bless Everyone

  • Paul Thompson

    Good news!!!

    • Joseph Conrad

      The best news of the week by far! Happy Freakin’ New Year!

    • Tony Garza


  • megan

    So glad to hear you are free!!! you are an amazing person for doing what you do! god bless

  • Christoph Dennenmoser

    SOOOOOOO happy that he is finally free again! Best wishes and greetings from Germany!

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    • Miss Barbara


  • “DEBBY”


  • Norah Macey

    HALLE FREEKIN LUYAH!!!! Hug him, kiss him, then give him some SPACE, he’ll need time to get himself together, please pass on my hugs / kisses to him ..From Nanci’s Mom.

  • Laura Parenteau

    What a relief!! So glad to hear this news!

  • Kristin Wolf

    Congrats Paul!! You guys are all amazing and I hope our paths cross again. Enjoy your New Year LP.

  • HC

    WoooHoooo!!! I am soooo glad Paul is free. His desire and passion to help not only Haiti but everyone in general is courageous. I hope him the VERY best. I am haitian and I am saddened to see the action of some of the people in my country. People in general have this sad desire to take advantage of others and it is depressing but what matters is that the others don’t let the ignorance of one person mess up their rightly incline feeling to help people in need. Respè pou ou Paul. Ou se inspirasyon pou anpil moun. Kenbe la. Si’m te pre’w m t’ap ba’w yon bro hug.

  • Krista Chavez

    Best news!! We have all been not only praying for your release, but that people will not turn their hearts and efforts from Haiti!!

  • jessica scott

    YEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy! I love you LP and BP!!!

  • Merry

    thank God, sweet Paul, I welcome you with a looooonnnnnggggg hug back into our world. You know my house is yours, here, the island or luzech. When you have time be in touch. Tony joins me with an abrazo. By the way, your Big Paul, is the unsung hero. A great Big thanks to him and many, many appreciation incantations to him. Merry and Tony

  • Meggie Hui

    I just landed in Haiti today and was so happy to hear the wonderful news. Take of yourself LP. And take of yourself BP. Happy new year!

  • Hara Lamon

    This is such amazing news! No doubt the tremendous grassroots lobbying to officials and the media was a very important part freeing innocent LP. Hopefully he can get the mental and physical rehab that he needs to get back on the team and move forward. Your a great man, Paul Sebring!

  • kennedy

    Love you bro! So glad you are back!

  • sally and michael White

    Over here in Kyle of Lochalsh, a tiny Village in the Scottish Highlands, we have followed every step in Little Paul and Big
    Paul’s journey.

    It gives us great joy to have been a tiny part of your step back into Freedom Little Paul. The World has become a better
    place through two Young chaps selfless work with the Haitian People.

    One day in the not too distant future we wish to thank you two chaps in person!

    Sally, Mike and Joshua
    The Old Bank House
    Kyle of Lochalsh
    United Kingdom
    United Kingdom

  • Amy G from usvi

    Lp and Bp wahoo So glad to hear about your release. We were praying for you and trying to keep the story at the frontline. You guys are my heros!
    Haiti is always on my are heart and in my thoughts. Love you Amy G

  • Mambo Racine Sans Bout

    HOORAY for Paul Waggoner and all of those who have worked to free him. As a clergy person of the Haitian Vodou religion, I would like Paul and everyone else to know that REAL Vodouisants do not think Paul did anything wrong at all. The charity trust fund associated with our Vodou congregation, Vodou Aid ( continues to work to support people persecuted in the name of Vodou, as well as to feed and provide medical care to Haitians, without regard to religious affiliation.

    Paul Waggoner’s departure from Haiti is HAITI’s LOSS. We love and respect you, Paul Waggoner! Also, huge love and respect to Big Paul and everyone who reached out to help.

    Peace and love,
    Mambo Racine

  • LaDonna (from Tyler)

    Congrats LP….and BP!!!! We have had a lot of prayers going up for you. God listens! AND answers! Awesome to hear what you did for your cellmates in typical Paul style…what a servant heart. Glad you are free! BP, can’t say enough about your dedication and love for LP as well as the Haitians. You are a saint. God Bless you both. LaDonna

  • TamiH

    Wow! Just saw the great news!!! So happy!!!

  • TamiH

    Sooo happy to see you’ve been released… Yay!

  • Danny McAtee


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  • Jeremy PIcker

    I am grateful for Little Paul’s release. My friend is in contact with Big paul & little paul as another injustice is going on in Haiti. My dear friend Danny Pye, is an American running an orphanage in Haiti since 2003. He was responsible for all the logistics of aid supplies in Jamel haiti during the earthquake. Danny is being held illegally for supposedly having “illegal” documents that were given to him directly from the haitian government. The UN & US embassy has tried too get him released to no avail. Danny has given his life to haiti for over 8 years and this injustice has to stop. check out cnn for a small report :